Dr. Cynthia Benbow accepts acupuncture referrals in order to help your clients' pets receive the best possible care.

She will work with you to help you provide them with an integrative medicinal alternative, all while respecting our referral relationship with your clinic.

Dr. Benbow will only provide the services you request, after which your clients return to your clinic for any other services. BVS has worked with several veterinarians and clinics in the greater New Orleans area to help relieve symptoms and treat complicated causes that were leading to pet owners' frustration. 

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Please contact us at (504) 304-7367 with any questions. 

“Dr. Benbow is very knowledgeable and extremely gentle with my 9 weeks old cavalier pup. The Benbow staff was very caring and made my puppy's very first visit comfortable. Glad to have found this great vet service in the town. Happy, would love to see you all again!”

Nish P.